Stream Setup

Do you have a lecture or an event in your Masjid which you would like to stream Live?

Contact us to arrange a FREE streaming service for the day.
Please note location where the lecture or event is taking place must have internet connection and a Laptop or PC.
Call us to TEST your broadcast – this must be done well in advance of the event time.

We can now also Supply a Laptop & internet Dongle to stream your event FREE – This is only limited to the North-west of the UK (subject to deposit).

If you would like to Stream your event – Call 07973 214 603 or 07977 732 119

Masjid Live Event Setup Instructions

In order to get the stream working, a few programmes will be needed. The following is just for usage of audio on the PC/laptop. Your laptop/PC must have a good mic built in or try to get a plugin mic to attach to the the speaker which is recommended – PLEASE TEST ALL THE MASJID LIVE SETTING DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT TO IRON OUT ANY BUGS



  • Load Winamp.
  • At the top of Winamp it says File, Play, Options…
  • On options, go down and right at the bottom you will see it says Preferences (Also Windows Users: CTRL+P)…: Click on that.
  • A new window will appear.
  • You will see two sections. On the left it will have a long menu. On the right, on the wider part, it will say different things
  • Go to the left menu (the long one), scroll down to where it says Plug-Ins
  • Under that it will have many other options, click on DSP/Effect – click on this
  • On the right a list of things will come up, click on the one that says Nullsoft SHOUTCAST Source DSP etc…
  • A new window will come up
  • The Shoutcast Source window should now appear. You can close the preferences window
  • From the Shoutcast Source window choose Output > Connection > Output Configuration 
  • Enter your server details – STREAM 1: Address: – Password: CALL 07973 214 603 OR EMAIL US FOR THIS (these details will be saved automatically)


  • Put a tick next to the option Use SHOUTcast v1 mode (for Legacy Servers)
  • Also put a tick next to automatic reconnection on failure and set it to 1 sec
  • Then go to encoder > Encoder type >Select MP3 Encoder from the drop down menu
  • encoder > encoder settings:48kbps, 44.100Hz Mono (make sure you select these two every time)
  • input >  select soundcard input and press the lock button at the bottom.(The green bars should start to go up and down when you speak)

Now go back to the output section and press connect button (it should start to say bytes sent and the number of bytes sent will start to go up – if not please check your setting or call us on 07973 214 603

P.S SWITCH OFF windows auto update and also change your power management settings on your laptop/pc, so your laptop does not go into sleep mode etc…

NAMING YOUR EVENT on the live stream – Close winamp and then get an MP3 that you may on your PC, Next rename it to whatever you like your LIVE event to be called on masjid live – and then play it in winamp but without connecting to the server. After this close Winamp and when your programme is ready to be streamed just open Winamp and click connect to stream your event – If you don’t do this then the default mp3 winamp played when it was installed winamp, will be the name of the event, which you DON’T want!